Our business was born from an idea. We wanted perfect, couldn’t have it, so decided to take on the digital world with our own hands.

Developing and writing code for the last 15 years and working for the likes of Google, Shell Fuels and EA Sports, we decided it was time we put our tools in our sack and walked out into that big scary world of startups. The rest as they say is history.

e-thimble was born by two brothers and now operates a team of 6 permanent and 2 self employed colleagues

Six years later we are healthy and the last years growth since the introduction of a sales tool within the business has seen us go from healthy and steady to near on chocker block! As always however we will carry on regardless until we rid the interweb of all things nasty looking…p.s – we love having fun and a bit of a social too – Click here

More recently we have forged tremendously strong links within the bespoke cake baking market, along with huge leaps within small independent business regionally. Business is booming!

You may have already seen enough, on the other hand, we may have only scratched your surface. Get in touch today and see if we can help you, your business, and your next project.