the run down...


Using the latest methods within development to bring your user/or customer an experience that you may never have been able to offer previously. Using WordPress and PHP predominantly we love bending code and seeing what new exciting concepts we can deliver. All sites come optimised for mobiles and tablet.


Working alongside EA previously our lead App Designer is based offsite and works and leads on all of our development from within the digital enterprise arena through to bespoke braochure and gaming apps. Think you have the next big thing to appear on everyones smartphone? Then lets talk and see what we can do.


Currently running bespoke built cloud based CRM systems, intranets, content management systems and data warehousing technology for a large blue chip organisation, we offer a seamless alternative to the in house capability you may already have in place. We integrate our services to first time users also.

We have been giving business a digital shop front for sometime now, in addition we have picked up that not everyone out there are as reliable nor customer focused as us. This as we see it is out little bit of the market we want to cover and work alongside.

You may not have a site, App, or web application at present, you may need an intranet for your business because you have grown so well, there are a whole host of services we can assist and cover with. Web design? yes that is the leader, we also work alongside publishers for digital art and additionally large blue chips for may requirements also. Although we do love an independent or two 😉


Our prerequisties

Yes, it is true, we are booked up solid! Year round we operate on a basis per project and give enough time to each build or development that it so deserves.

We do however have a number of colleagues who can in their agile environment all assist in a build at any point. We share, communicate and deliver. This is where you would come in, if you require a site building and have an idea of what you would like this helps reduce the drafting series we run right down to 1 or possibly 2 drafts. We ask that if you do not have this that you take five minutes to just run some of your initial ideas through an email and send them along. You would be surprised how much this can help. We give you a proving ground to review when we work with you, so you’re in the know – these are all hosted by our own servers on our own rackspace, keeping e-thimble sites swift, sharp and responsive.